Despite ‘horrible past’, I’m a ‘hopeless romantic’: Britney Spears

London, Aug. 3 : Pop star Britney Spears recently opened up about her bitter love experiences in the past and admitted that despite several failed relationships, she is still a "hopeless romantic".

The 34-year-old, 'Toxic' hit maker talked about the reasons that led to the failure of relationships with men in her life and said it is kind of an inspiration for her new album, reports

"Unfortunately I am a hopeless romantic person. I've been through horrible relationships, but unfortunately I still believe in love. I think you should protect your heart," she said in an interview with an Australian Radio Station. Talking about the album, she said, "There are a few things I touch upon, intimacy and love and being a hopeless romantic.

Actually, the video I just shot is of me and all my girls making guys audition for us. The whole theme is basically us playing with them. It's really kind of fun." Britney also spoke about her upcoming ninth album and expressed her desire to make a record that revolves around female empowerment and sisterhood.

"I love my father, but I was always a momma's girl growing up. There's always something with me when I'm with my girls or my mom - there's just a strong connection there," she said.

Source: ANI