Devotees all excited to witness Mother Teresa’s canonisation ceremony in Vatican City

Vatican City (Rome) [Italy], Sept. 4 : With Mother Teresa to be declared a saint by Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church in a canonisation ceremony in Vatican City today, devotees are all prepared to witness the grand event.

Devotees from India, who are here to witness the event, expressed their happiness and hailed Mother Teresa.

Teresa worked with the poor in Kolkata for nearly four decades, having initially come to eastern India as a missionary teacher with Ireland's Loreto order.

Remembering mother Teresa, a devotee from India said that she is known as "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" and taken the heart of the people there.

"Mother Teresa has taken the culture. She has entered in to the culture of Calcutta, India. If one come from outside from Albania, surely we know it all. She came to India and entered into the culture of India and the hearts of the people," he said. Born to Kosovar Albanian parents in what is now Macedonia in 1910, Teresa died in 1997. By then she was a household name around the world and also an Indian citizen. He added that she took mission from god and entered into the heart of people of India and lived for the people.

Meanwhile, devotees from across the world were also seen all decked up to witness the event with pomp and show.

"We have read of saints who lived for so many years ago but Mother Teresa has always been and reminded as a saint today, she has reminded we are all going to be saints today that doesn't just mean doing good things but means more than that- being holy, seeking god with pour heart and saying yes to god," said Father Thomas from Australia.

Earlier in March, Pope Francis had announced that Mother Teresa would be made a saint in a canonisation ceremony on September 4 on the eve of her 19th death anniversary.

Source: ANI