DGMO’s statement has laid line for future developments: Defence experts

New Delhi [India], June 6 : A day after Indian Army Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lieutenant General A.K.

Bhatt met his Pakistani counterpart to discuss the current situation along the Line of Control (LoC) and highlighted needless escalations by the Pakistan Army, the defence experts in India on Tuesday said they believed that whatever DGMO has said actually laid the line for future developments.

"Whatever DGMO said is absolutely correct. There is no scope for anything else. What DGMO has said actually laid the line for future developments and talks," defence expert Praful Bakshi told ANI.

Another defence expert Rahul Jalali said that the warning from DGMO to Pakistan came at the right time.

"This warning is well-timed by the DGMO that if Pakistan does it then we are going to resort to heavy artillery fire and teach Pakistan a lesson.

So, I think this warning has come at the right time," Jalali said. Lt. General A.K. Bhatt conveyed his commitment of ensuring peace and tranquility which is contingent on Pakistani Army's intentions and actions.

"If Pakistani Army continues to abet infiltrations and cause trans-LoC firings, the Indian Army will take appropriate retaliatory action," General Bhatt said.

Source: ANI