Dive into your ‘everyday’ no fuss haven

New Delhi [India], April 28 : The grub lovers can now dive into the eclectic mix of local food and signature cocktails in the city, which never falls short on classy cocktail lounges or on thirsty patrons, quickly shrinking wallets.

Founded by Pranay Goyal, BKC Dive - Bar and Eatery, sets foot into the commercial hub of Mumbai this week with its rustic feel and pocket-friendly food and beverage offerings.

It is the first in the chain by Dive Bar and Restaurants Pvt Ltd. Be it a fender bender with your college mate or a spill-over of office exhaustion, the bar and eatery has a balm for all, making it the perfect perch for both young and old.

Sip your drink in a relaxed and lowly lit room as you unwind with friends in a grungy, laid back set up with live music to appease your mood.

Come for an evening of sports extravaganza and celebrate your favourite team with chilled beers to trickle down your mid-week grouches.

What's more? Summer-time blues are a guaranteed knock-off with their kickass deals, anytime of the day, week or month.

The simplistic menu features a wide range of comfort foods like Khichdi (seven different types to be precise), Chole, authentic dried chana and more.

Be sure to enjoy the local grub of tandoori or butter chicken and Sofyani biryani. Relish their finger-licking mix of staples like stir fry bowls featuring paneer, chicken or shrimp, seasoned with your choice of sauce and a range of breakfast trays.

The very own BIG DIVE Platters with Jain variations are an absolute dosage of bliss for foodies of the bay.

Try one drink a day from their diverse and exciting liquor menu. The spirit ninjas mix signature cocktails like the Desi Martini and Paantini, along with a range of sparkling, imported and classic blended add-ons are a must try! Speaking of the first dive bar in Mumbai, founder Pranay Goyal said, "BKC Dive is cool, hip, and your friendly, next-door-neighbourhood hangout joint, where you can unwind after a long day at work.

With pocket-friendly drinks and value for money foods to go with it, BKC Dive promises to be your favourite go-to hangout centre.

Be it friends, families or colleagues...we have something interesting for each one to offer!".

Source: ANI