Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandalized.again!

New York [US], June. 13 : Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard was vandalized during the Pride's Resist March.

The star was covered in a multitude of colourful stickers that said, "#IResist Extremist," "#IResist Transphobia" among other strong signs of dissent.

The Pride march down Hollywood Boulevard saw thousands of protesters on Sunday, reports CNN. "The Resist March was sort of an answer to what the women achieved in Washington in January. You can definitely say it's got a sharper edge. We're resistant," said Brian Pendleton, the march's founder. However, Pendleton made it clear that the stickers provided by the march weren't intended to be put on Trump's star, but nevertheless said the act was more humorous than harmful.

"I definitely don't condone vandalism, but it was funny to see, I got a nice chuckle out of that," he added.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police said the vandalism is a misdemeanor and officers would have to look at security tape to identify and charge the protesters involved.

This was the almost the third time Trump's star has been vandalized. In July, an artist placed a miniature border wall around it. And in October, a man dressed as a construction worker took a pickax to the star, destroying it..

Source: ANI