Don’t let social media affect your relationship

London [UK], Apr. 10 : Social media is increasingly becoming that platform where you can prove your love for your partner.

But, there are certain do's and don'ts that one definitely needs to follow if you want a long-term relationship with 'The one'.

"Social media is a slippery slope," said Rachel Sussman, a relationship expert and couples therapist. When she sees couples fight about posting too many photos or "liking" an ex's photos long after they have broken up, she steps in to help set healthy boundaries.

Here are her social media rules for couples, as reported by The Independent. -Dates = no-phone zone Date nights are for spending time with your partner, not your thousands of "friends" and followers.

Keep phones off or silent, as well as out of sight to resist the temptation of scrolling through your feed.

-Set a time to unplug Checking your phone before bed is bad for your sleep schedule, anyway. "There should be a certain time at night you turn it off," she said. -Ask before posting pictures It's a nice thing to do in general, but especially when it comes to your significant other.

They might have a different idea of what's acceptable for public consumption. Or they just might not like the way they look in that photo. Play it safe and ask. -Don't follow your exes' accounts Unless your ex is in your social circle, your current partner knows them, and enough time has passed for that ship to have sailed, there's no need to follow your ex on social media, much less creep on their accounts.

-Don't "like" their photos either "You do hear a lot of stories about people having affairs with old boyfriends or girlfriends on Facebook or Instagram," said Sussman.

"That can be dangerous. Why not keep your social circle to people who are truly in your social circle?".

Source: ANI