Ecclestone proposes two-race format in F1

Johannesburg [South Africa], Nov.21 : In order to make Formula One much more attractive for modern audiences, Bernie Ecclestone has proposed the introduction of two shorter races in place of current one-race format.

"People have a much shorter attention span and a lot of sports are looking at introducing shorter forms of their games.

The television audiences went up for Brazil. We had a long race with the heavy rain and a couple of crashes, but that meant we had two starts because of the red flags and people tuned in," Ecclestone was quoted, as saying by Sport24.

Elaborating his proposal, the 86-year-old insisted that F1 would be more appealing to spectators, sponsors and advertisers if there are two 40-minute races with a 40-minute break in which drivers could be interviewed.

"We need to look at the traditional concept of one long race. Two 40-minute races with a 40-minute break in the middle when the drivers could be interviewed, cars worked on, would be attractive to viewers, the TV companies, the sponsors, and advertisers would love it," he added.

Ecclestone further questioned whether the sport's decision-makers have the "courage" to make such a big decision to change the traditional format.

"But I don't know if we have the courage to change. Times change though and it is something we must look at," he insisted. Slamming the current F1 rules, Ecclestone said the regulations prevent the drivers from being able to race properly.

"The regulation book should be re-titled 'Don't Race'. They are written in such a convoluted way and there are so many that nobody, including the drivers, knows the right thing to do," he added.

Source: ANI