EdgeMakers to hold panel discussion for students, teachers

New Delhi [India] Oct. 15 : Touted to be as the world's first comprehensive learning system, EdgeMakers help young students become agents of change in society.

With a view to introduce this unique learning system, based on the art and science of Innovation and the related discipline of Entrepreneurship, to teachers and students, EdgeMakers is all set to host a panel discussion.

EdgeMakers is a San Francisco headquartered company funded by Venture Capitalists, with an aim to bring a fresh perspective to the education system.

Its instructor-led and blended courses teach school and college students to become idea generators and address global challenges with sustainable solutions.

The organization empowers young students with the tools, skills and knowledge they need to become Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

EdgeMakers offers an interdisciplinary, practice-based and purpose driven, challenge- and project-based learning system currently delivered to students in schools and colleges in the United States of America, Brazil, Colombia and India.

The EdgeMakers learning system includes modules on Creativity (and) Innovation, Storytelling and Change Making, Design Thinking, Character (and) Collaboration and Entrepreneurship.

In India, EdgeMakers classes are delivered in leading schools across Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur.

Ramit Bhatnagar, CEO of the company said, "This is our first initiative where we are inviting Principals of leading schools, Parents and Students to discuss the changes required in the education system to make India the global hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.' "We plan to host such discussions across the country to spread awareness amongst stakeholders on the importance of building entrepreneurial capability in students at a young age," he added.

Delegates from leading schools across North India are invited and will exchange their views on 'Transforming our Education System to create cutting-edge Innovators and Entrepreneurs '.

The event will be held on October 22..

Source: ANI