Ella Purnell shuns beauty routine

London, Aug 1 : Actress Ella Purnell says she does not have a beauty routine, but she is done with "trying to project perfection".

"You want to project an image that you are perfect and people ask, 'What are your beauty secrets?' You want to come up with these great, amazing routines, but really, I barely take my make-up off at night," Purnell said.

"I am done with trying to project perfection.

it's refreshing to be like, 'I do not know, I'll let you know when I figure it out!' There's a pressure for young actors and actresses to be working all the time and to stay relevant so when it comes to interviews you have to stand for something.

Everyone's got a thing and I am still figuring out what is my thing?"

On the work front, Purnell can currently be seen portraying waitress Tess in "Sweetbitter" and has found working on the show "therapeutic" because she can identify with her character's feelings, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"It been very therapeutic and at this age, you actually don't have to reach that far to play 'lost' because I think we all have hat there somewhere inside us," she said.



Source: IANS