Employment, doing business matter most in election

New Delhi/Ranchi, Nov 27 : Conditions of employment and doing business are the main issues in the Jharkhand election, with many voters holding the state government and the Chief Minister squarely responsible for it, according to the IANS-CVoter Jharkhand opinion poll.

Eligible voters in Jharkhand gave most emphasis to a question on 'Status of Local employment/business' -- in a questionnaire on 'Biggest Issue for You at the Moment'.

Around 25 per cent eligible voters said employment and matters related to doing business were the most important for them in this election.

The status of water supply saw over 17 per cent voters saying it was the biggest issue, while the condition of local roads came third with 11.6 per cent people stressing it.

The status of electricity supply came fourth, at nearly 10 per cent.

Of the other questions, price rise merited three per cent, 'Control on Corruption in Government' got two per cent, local health services less than two per cent, and law and order, status of the economy and women security, less than one per cent.

To a question on 'Who do you hold responsible for this problem/issue?' As many as 26 per cent eligible voters said the state government was responsible for the state of affairs, while over 11 per cent held the Chief Minister directly responsible.

The local MLA was held responsible for the state of affairs by nearly 16 per cent voters, while only 6.5 per cent voters believe the Central government is responsible.

Around 4.5 per cent people held the Prime Minister responsible for the issues, the poll showed.

Curiously, to a question on 'Which party can solve this problem/issue in a better manner?', most voters said the BJP, at nearly 38 per cent.

Over 10 per cent said the JMM could solve the issue, just seven per cent felt the Congress could solve the issues, while 3.2 per cent felt the JVM could solve the problem.

Interestingly, 16.7 per cent eligible voters felt that 'no party can solve this problem', responses to the the poll showed.

The five-phase Jharkhand elections are due from November 30 to December 20.

Results will be declared on December 23.

The survey was conducted during November across a sample survey of 8,923 eligible voters.



Source: IANS