‘Energy healing meditation technique’ helps second corona patient in Jodhpur

Jaipur, May 9 : As the world looks for ways to combat COVID-19, the 'energy healing meditation technique' appears to have shown some impact: a second patient in Rajasthan claims to have shown quick recovery by using this technique in Jodhpur after a patient in Jaipur spoke of the positive results of this technique.

The 'energy healing meditation technique' was first taught by late Guru Ram Lal Siyag.

The first patient, M.M. Ali, who showed some positive result after using the technique, is from Jaipur. The second patient is M. Uttamchandani (61) from Jodhpur. He had tested 5 times positive before he tried this meditation technique seriously.

Uttamchandani had taken a trip abroad for a family function and upon his return, he tested positive for COVID-19.

He was admitted to a hospital in Jodhpur on March 22 and a month later, he tried the meditation technique, which was given to him by a filmmaker, Naman Goyal.

Following a week-long regular meditation for 15 minutes in the morning and evening, his reports came negative on April 28, after which he was discharged.

Naman, who is an alumnus of the New York Film Academy, has made a 95-minute film on this meditation technique.

The film features interviews of doctors and patients.

According to Naman, a patient's immunity improves as one follows the meditation discipline.

While researching for his documentary, he came across HIV patients whose blood reports showed an increase in their cd-4 count (which if falls below 200, AIDS is diagnosed).

Patients reported an increase in cd-4 count beyond 200 which helped them come out of AIDS.

When coronavirus broke out, Naman wanted to help and see whether the same meditation can work on coronavirus patients.

So, he sent clips of his film to Wuhan (China), South Korea, Italy and recently to New York City.

"I am in preliminary talks with the health department of USA to work out a small research on this meditation technique.

While in India, the government through its science and technology department, has put out an advertisement inviting research work on specific yoga and meditation techniques (under SATYAM) that can help with immunity and fight with covid-19, I have submitted paper work for that research and hope to get the research approved where a batch of 8-10 patients can try this meditation," says Naman.

The recovery time from Covid-19, amount of antibodies and healthy plasma levels in these patients could be monitored, which can give researchers some proof on this meditation technique's effect on human body, he says.

Meanwhile, the other patient Uttamchandani says, "I started meditation from April 15.

However, it was not for half an hour. But after watching YouTube videos sent by Naman, I started following it thoroughly for half-an-hour in a day.

I also tried home remedies and yoga besides practising this meditation technique. However, in the last week of my hospital stay, when I tried meditation, I received positive results," he added.

Earlier, Ali, a coronavirus positive patient in Jaipur credited meditation for his quick recovery.

Usually, it takes three weeks for a person to turn negative for COVID-19, Naman says.



Source: IANS