Fadnavis confirms submission of report on Zakir Naik

Mumbai, Aug. 9 : Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday confirmed submission of a report on controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik by the Mumbai Police Commission.

"The Government has received a report on Zakir Naik from the Commissioner of Police (CP) of Mumbai. There are many indictments in the report. Many unlawful activities have been pointed out pertaining to the organisation of which Dr. Zakir Naik is a leader," Fadnavis told ANI. He said that the Government of Maharashtra is now examining the entire report and will share the same with the Ministry of Home Affairs at the Centre.

"Soon we will share the report with the central Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and in consultation with them, we will decide further course of action which we need to take," he added.

Naik had come under the scanner of the Indian Government after reports emerged that two of the six terrorists, who killed 22 people at a posh Dhaka cafe in July, were allegedly inspired by his speeches.

Fifty-one -year-old Naik is an Islamic preacher who founded the Islamic Research Foundation in 1991 when he started Dawah or religious preaching.

His lectures mostly revolve around how Islam is superior to all other faiths. While he claims to be an advocate of the inter-faith dialogue, his preachings reinforce all stereotypes which exist against Muslims.

According to reports, several Indian youth who have taken to militancy are also believed to have been "inspired" by Naik's speeches made at public functions and through his television channel Peace TV.

Source: ANI