Far-right candidate Hofer concedes defeat in Austria’s presidential election

New York [United States], Dec.5 : Austria's far-right Freedom Party's presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has conceded his defeat to the Green Party-backed independent Alexander Van der Bellen in the country's presidential election after exit polls showed an clear win for Bellen.

The official results of the election are not expected until late Sunday or early Monday, but a poll projection by state broadcaster ORF shows Van der Bellen with 53.6% of the vote, reports CNN.

Congratulating his opponent Bellen, Hofer wrote in a concession statement on Facebook, "I am incredibly sad it didn't work out.

I would have loved to look after Austria. We are all Austrians, no matter what we decided today. Long live our home Austria." Stating that he was very sad about the result, Homer said, "He wouldn't be human if he wasn't disappointed." Homer said at a press conference that he was very sad about the result, adding "he wouldn't be human if he wasn't disappointed." Hugging his youngest daughter, who appeared to have been crying, he said that he will be relaxing with his wife and reading 'The Old Man and the Sea' after the elections.

Crediting his apparent victory to "the engagement of hundreds of thousands" of people, Van der Bellen said on Austrian state TV, "That's how a big movement developed.

I have always campaigned for a pro-European Austria. This is about values: freedom, equality and solidarity. Also to include those that doesn't do that well in the current economic system." He said that he will actively speak to all voters as they have real concerns which have to be taken seriously by the president.

Source: ANI