Farm laws: Oppn acting like ‘dalal’ of middlemen: Javadekar

Panaji, Oct 4 : Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Sunday said that the opposition was playing the role of a 'dalal' of 'dalals' or middlemen by opposing the new farm laws which he claimed were aimed at better productivity, more investment, new technology and better seeds, and more export of agricultural produce.

Addressing a press conference here, Javadekar said that nearly 60 per cent of the country's population was linked to agriculture sector, but their contribution to India's Gross Domestic Product was just around 10 to 15 per cent, which needed improvement.

"Only 'dalals' are at a loss because of the new laws.

The biggest misfortune in the agriculture sector is that while the farmer gets low prices (for his produce), the consumer has to pay through the nose.

The middlemen, who have no hand in production, tend to earn the most. They (opposition) are shouting because the 'dalals' are facing a loss. Sometimes, I feel the opposition has become a 'dalal' of the 'dalals'. This is the core issue," said Javadekar, who was in Goa on a two-day official visit to explain to farmers groups he importance of the new laws.

"The agriculturists have welcomed these new changes and it will be the case in the future too.

The opposition will be defeated; they will not be able to do anything because lies have a short life and truth lasts.

We are with the truth whereas the opposition stands with lies," the Union Minister claimed.

"The biggest advantage of contract farming is that the ownership of the land will not change.

Only the crop grown (on the land) will be a part of the contract. The farmer will be able to sell his produce at a good price," he said.

"... agricultural productivity in India is half compared with global standards. It is important to improve productivity. It will only improve with advanced technology and new seeds and new investment. New investment will flow in because of these laws," the senior BJP leader said.

Javadekar said that the opposition to the new farm laws was political in nature, that too essentially in Punjab, but added that most farmer groups were supportive of the new statute.

"Farmer organisations are also with these laws.

Where are the protests in the country? Only in a small way in Punjab, because they (opposition) are in power there.

The rest of the protests have wound up. Some small sporadic protests are alright, because our country is a democracy," he remarked.



Source: IANS