Farmer sends daughter off to in-laws place in helicopter

Jaipur, Nov 23 : A doting father in Rajasthan decided to fulfil her daughter's childhood dream and hired a helicopter for her send-off to her in-laws place.

Reena, daughter of Mahendra Singh, a farmer, who returned to his village in Jhunjhunu after working abroad for many years, would often ask her father: "You have been coming and going in plane.

When shall I fly in a plane and travel in sky."

While Mahendra Singh could fulfil most of her demands, this remained unfulfilled.

Hence, he decided to honour it on her marriage send-off.

He booked a chopper and took all the required permission from the administration to send her off in a style.

A happy Reena had invited all her friends on the occasion.

After the traditional send-off formalities, the chopper took to the sky with an elated bride at Ajeetpur and landed at Sultana, her in-laws' place, fulfilling her dream, much to the amusement of villagers and her relatives in both the places.



Source: IANS