Fired from job, employee rams Volvo truck into boss’s Ferrari

San Francisco, May 11 : Be careful when you lay off an employee, especially if he happens to be a truck driver.

To the horror of an employer in the US, a newly-hired driver who was "not deemed fit (or stable) for the job" rammed a Volvo truck into his bosss Ferrari GTC4Lusso sports car in "an act of revenge".

The incident happened in Chicago, according to news portal CarBuzz, and the images was posted on social discussion forum Reddit.

The post's originator alleged that the act of extreme vandalism was perpetrated in response to the business owner's decision not to pay the driver and fire him.

"After trying in earnest to keep his job, and despite the trucking company's amicable attempts to part ways and fully compensate the man, the fired driver calmly asked the owner if the Ferrari was his car," reports MotorTrend.

The owner confirmed yes it was, to which the trucker replied: "Now you'll see what happens when you mess with me."

Moments later, the mangled remains of the Ferrari were left to be seen.

The driver was later arrested.

According to some other social media posts, the driver was promised a new 2020 semi-truck if he met a certain quota, but he failed to meet it.

Angry at having been denied the new truck, he got in his Volvo tractor unit and drove it straight into the owner's Ferrari.



Source: IANS