Flattering to be considered ‘desirable’, says Ranveer

Mumbai, May 4 : Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who has topped a 'Most Desirable Men List', feels flattered to be considered for the title.

He has topped The Times 50 Most Desirable Men List of 2017, which has Prabhas, Virat Kohli, Hrithik Roshan and Sidharth Malhotra rounding off the top five.

"I do not consider myself to be the best-looking actor, but it is very flattering to be considered desirable," Ranveer said in a statement.

The "Padmaavat" star added: "It's important for people to feel desirable for the sake of their self-confidence.

I do not consider myself to be the best looking actor. Also, I was an overweight kid till about Class 9.

"In my head, I am still that fat kid who gets no female attention.

I will always be that fat kid because those years were my foundation years. I don't actively seek validation of my desirability from people, but it is most definitely welcome."

The list is a result of votes received on an online poll, along with the votes of an internal jury.

The goal is to showcase fresh talent and newer faces every year. The winners who find a spot on this list are not chosen on the basis of their box-office success (in the case of actors), but other attributes like good looks, personality and popularity.



Source: IANS