Flipkart unveils safety feature for Field Delivery Staff Project Nanjunda

Bengaluru [India], Jan. 18 : To ensure greater safety for their Field Executives (FEs), known as Wishmasters, Flipkart unveiled Project Nanjunda, an SOS button in the Field Executive's mobile app.

The Nanjunda Button brings a new set of enhanced safety standards for Flipkart's field workforce and will enable Field Executives to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency.

The project has been named after the deceased Wishmaster, Nanjunda Swamy, who passed away under tragic circumstances recently in Bangalore.

Nitin Seth, Chief Operating Officer, Flipkart, said, "Flipkart Wishmasters form the backbone of our business, delivering wishes daily to millions of customers across India.

Ensuring their safety is a primary priority for us. Over the days following the demise of Wishmaster, Nanjunda Swamy, our teams have worked relentlessly to deliver this feature in less than a month - in order to ensure our field staff is safe while on their delivery trips." He further added, "We firmly believe in adopting a safety-first approach while delivering wishes, and with this SOS feature, our Wishmasters will be able to go the last mile in delivering high-quality field services to our customers with the utmost trust and safety." In an emergency, a Field Executive can trigger a SOS by pressing the Nanjunda button, which sends SMS and Email notifications alerting the hub-in-charge and nearest Field Executives.

To operate this feature, only mobile network connectivity is required, and not mobile data connectivity, thus, making it effective in virtually any place within India.

Additionally, all Field Executive's phone numbers and locations are provided to all three parties to be able to resolve the situation and/or for help to converge at the location.

Source: ANI