For Aditi, effortless-timeless fashion goes all the way

New Delhi, Sep 20 (IANSlife) For Aditi Rao Hydari, one of the most stylish actors of B-Town, effortless and timeless are the buzzwords she swears by when it comes to fashion.

In an exclusive interview to IANSlife on the sidelines of a New Delhi fashion show, the classical singer and "Wazir" actress said that she finds it difficult to define what fashion means to her.

"I like to be free to wear what I want to wear and like to wear.

To me, it is not so much about trends as it is about a timeless quality to whatever it is, even if it is a jeans and a t-shirt."

Hydari looks for "something forever" in the clothing she picks.

"I also really like to be effortless.

I don't want to look like I spent eight hours in front of a mirror. It's great fun dressing up, but I'd like to stay effortless and timeless."

The 32-year-old dancer-turned-thespian said that she loves the linen fabric, which is luxurious as well as effortless.

What's her styling mantra?

"I like to look like I woke up in what I'm wearing," she says.

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Source: IANS