Ghaziabad hospital performs laparoscopic spine surgery

Ghaziabad, May 22 : Doctors at a Ghaziabad hospital have successfully performed laparoscopic spinal surgery on a 56-year-old woman, said a hospital official on Tuesday.


Lakshmi had been in severe back pain for over six years due to overlapping of vertebrae in her spine.

The vertebra in her backbone was mounted on each other and there was a lot of pressure on the veins.

Doctors, led by orthopedic surgeon Vipin Tyagi at Yashoda Hospital and Research Centre in Ghaziabad, operated Lakshmi through laproscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery.

Even after the surgery, no blood infusion was required.

Previously, the doctor said, such surgeries were done through open method, in which patient had to have a two-week bed rest.

Lakshmi has recovered well and was allowed to return to her home the very next day, Tyagi said.



Source: IANS