Ghaziabad residents dare authorities to take a walk at night on streets with dark stretches!

Ghaziabad, Sep 27 : The absence of street lights on various stretches of Ghaziabad has been such a menace that many residents took to Twitter to register their resentment over no working lights and dark stretches that often make driving difficult and also provide a safe haven for criminals.

Some even dared the authorities to take a walk on various stretches of Ghaziabad post 7 pm.

"DM Sir, 1.2 km road from Hindon airbase to Mohan Nagar crossing doesn't have street lights, only 3 to 4 lights near Zonal off GNN.

Road is totally under dark after 7 pm. Action required. No street light arrangement for this road. I request all concerned officials to please take a trip on this road after 7 pm only then gravity of the situation will be known to you or should we wait for any big mishap due to darkness," tweeted Rakesh Pokhriyal, a Ghaziabad resident.

Pokhriyal tagged UP government, DM Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad police, Ghaziabad Mayor and Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam in his tweet.

He is not alone as several other residents have also raised the issue of no street lights on social media seeking help from authorities.

"There is no street light working when we move from Karehra to Rajnagar extension.

Kindly work on it and install more street lights on that road. It's very difficult to drive at night," tweeted Vaibhav Saxena.

"Sir there are no street lights on the road which leads to Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kamla Nehru Nagar from RAKNPA.

It is also known as Joggers Road. Sir all the people from the nearby places go for a walk on this road. Lights are a must here. I request you to do so," Prashant said on social media.

Twitter user Jogender Singh also tweeted "Street lights are not working in Rajendra Nagar Indl Area, Mohan Nagar."

"The state of one of the main roads in Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad, which is filled with extreme darkness, no street lights in late evening.

The potholes make it even worse. I feel extremely unsafe to travel near my own place which is as dark as a black hole," Vidhu Mehtani tweeted on August 29.



Source: IANS