Gift your child a magical space to usher in the spirit

New Delhi, Jan 24 : Transform you childs space into a delightfully dreamy abode replete with playful splashes of colour and chic furniture to inspire imaginative little minds.

Arshi Mukri, Interior Design Expert at Pepperfry and Sudeep Kolte, VP Sales and Marketing, Saint Gobain India Pvt Ltd- Gyproc Business doles out some tips and tricks to keep this tricky space clutter free.

* Colour me happy: Wondering what your favourite hue can do? Well, what if we told you that your child's creativity and their academic progress are directly linked to the colours in their nest? If you want to tune a tranquil atmosphere to nurture your zealous child, throw in some calming blue or a fashionable dose of millennial pink, which fosters harmony.

Add some zing to the mix with contrasting hues of yellow and avocado through celestial ceilings and chic cushions to strike a balance.

* Muggles, wizards and fairies : With Instagram tugging hard on your heartstrings with unicorns, bunnies and mermaids, it's hard to resist its lure to our inner-child even more than our kids.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to shop for goodies that match their personality and moreover lay emphasis on age- sensitive themes that are easy to update, like beanbags, cult posters and quirky cupboards.

* Sassy spaces and sleepovers : If you're looking to create a nursery or playroom for your kids without having construction work dampen your mood and home, traditional masonry takes a backseat.

Gypsum- based dry walls come to the fore as a clandestine weapon to create savvy partitions for any need or reason.

If you're looking to up their IQ points with musical lessons, drywalls ensures that sound does not escape the room.

Don't skimp on style if you're short on space and instead, invest in gorgeous pull-out storage beds or stylish bunk beds that makes a chic haven indoors.

* Playtime adventures : Make playtimes free of first- aid hassles with patterned rugs that ensure soft- landing.

Besides being kind to the knees, rugs are stress-free to clean and can be easily changed to suit the trends to their age.

Point their compass to the sky with aesthetic designer ceilings of solar systems and glowing stars that inspires them to let their imaginations soar as they go to bed each night.

* Quirky cubby holes : Finding well- fitting bedroom furniture for the room becomes as important as scouring for an animated theme to awe your little one.

Spruce up your interiors with poster adorned wardrobes and cute storage investments to rule out a dull day.

Don't let storage dilemmas dictate the size of your toys, pyjamas or board games by spraying an array of rainbow shades onto a nostalgic locker.

Going down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland becomes therapeutic after a demanding day at school.

Let the decorating begin filled with fairy-tale pom-pom trimmed nettings hanging on the bedstead canopy or with chalkboards and workstations for playing house or doing homework.

Why wait to give your tiny tot a creative abode to bloom?



Source: IANS