Give your 100%: Lisa Haydon on juggling work, motherhood

New Delhi, Feb 8 : Actress-model Lisa Haydon, who became a mother in May 2017, is happily able to balance motherhood and work as she believes in giving "100 per cent where you are at that moment".

After delivering her first child -- son Zack Lalvani last year -- she is now seen on the small screen as a judge of the Colors Infinity show "Top Model India".

Asked about balancing her personal and professional live, Lisa told IANS in an email interview: "It is pretty straightforward.

It comes down to really good health. When I am at work, I am at work and I rationalise that in my own head because I love my job and I am a working mom."

"And when I go home, I try to be the best mom I could possibly be and give them all my attention and time and focus.

That's the only way I can balance it - give 100 per cent where you are at that moment," she added.

So what does it take to be the "Top Model"?

"To be on top of any profession, it takes a certain amount of drive, determination and focus.

I think to be on top of any profession; you need to have presence of mind, be creative and keep your head on your shoulders," said the "Queen" actress.

"I think also in this day and age, what is becoming wildly popular is inclusiveness, diversity and beauty.

These days, I don't think it is necessary to have certain measurements, certain looks to be a model.

"I think what you really have to bring to the table is individuality personality and a USP factor that will make people say 'Wow, I am really interested in that person.

I want to hear what they have to say' because these days people are more interested in what you have to say rather than how you look."

On the "very aspirational" show, she said: "We take young teenagers, kids, young people from around the world, those who would not necessarily have access to the fashion industry in the way that typical in big metro cities do.

"That is what makes the show so aspirational as we give opportunities to people that many not have the same opportunities that you have."

"Top Model India" sees male and female contestants up against each other.

"I found the whole dynamic really interesting. It is also interesting when you ask the models who they consider is their competition and who they pick having guys and girls.

I think the concept is very interesting given that the modelling industry is predominantly dominated by females, because it's usually the female models who make it to the top not that males don't, but they are the ones who are up for jobs.

"Even the fashion shows in the fashion weeks are usually female-centric. So I think bringing guys in and giving them this platform is a really awesome thing."



Source: IANS