Goa government declares tourist taxi strike illegal

Panaji, Jan 17 : The Goa government on Wednesday declared as illegal a day-long strike called by tourist taxi operators on Friday even as the Transport Minister warned of strict action if the operators took law and order in their hands.

"The government has supported tourist taxi operators fully over the last few years but they are still going on strike without giving notice to the government.

Therefore, we are considering the strike as illegal," Minister Sudin Dhavalikar told reporters.

The strike has been called by tourist taxi associations in North Goa and South Goa districts protesting against the implementation of speed governors on tourist taxis, harassment by transport department and police officials.

As a result of the strike, nearly 2,000 taxis are expected to be off roads on Friday.

Dhavalikar claims that additional buses would be pressed into service to ensure that tourists and locals were not put to discomfort.

"We warn taxi operators to not take law in their hands during the strike or we will take strict action against them," he said.



Source: IANS