Goenka’s tweet on tips garners humorous responses

New Delhi, Dec 2 : RPG Enterprises Chairman Harsh Goenka's tweet on certain tips has gone viral on social media, with people posting humorous remarks in response.

Goenka posted on @hvgoenka: "Some simple tips, 'Thank the taxi driver/waiter; don't answer the phone at dinner table; know at least 3 jokes; never embarrass your host; talk when it's your turn; keep your word; don't make noise in a movie theatre; and don't call people too early or too late in the day'."

The post got 759 retweets and 4.1K likes.

Replying to @hvgoenka, one user posted: "Don't close your lips while eating; don't make a sound while chewing the food; don't make slurping sound while drinking tea, soup etc.; while eating in a group leave the table only when all are through; and don't pass a bowl, plate over somebody else's plate."

One post read: "To be happy, follow Harshji and get tips, including on how to run your household at low cost."

Another user wrote: "Don't call or call on anybody's home between 1-3 pm.

The only people home then are seniors or pre-school kids and they'd like to nap in peace."

"Half of the Indians will die if they start doing this.

Most important call they receive is when they are driving, most important discussion (is held) in cinema, they break queues because they are in a hurry...," read another post.

One user retorted: "Most importantly, minimise the use of social media if you can."



Source: IANS