Govinda’s wife wishes she had a son like the actor

Mumbai, June 25 : Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja has confessed that she wishes having a son like the actor.

Sunita opened up while shooting for the music reality show "Indian Pro Music League".

She, along with Govinda and their daughter Tina were special guests on a nineties special episode.

On the episode, the actor danced to his hits such as "What is your mobile number" and "UP wala thumka", and shared a few interesting anecdotes from his career.

Later, Govinda was overwhelmed seeing a special video tribute played on the stage with messages from his sister, friends and colleagues.

"Thank you so much for this, seeing this video made so many memories came back.

I must say that there are very few lucky people who get to serve their parents and get the chance to take care of them, I have been lucky that I got a chance to serve my parents.

I am really thankful. I remember how my mother used to sing every day for us and our day would start with us listening to her beautiful voice," the 57-year-old actor said.

Govinda added, about his mother: "People also used to ask her why she prays so much, but this dream of ours, getting a home and being successful was the result of her, her hard work and her blessings.

I never thought I would come out of that chawl, but it all happened because my mother believed in me."

Sunita shared that in their 36 years of marriage, she has seen Govinda as the "best brother, the best son, best father and best husband".

"I have one wish -- I should have a son like him.

The way he was with his parents and how much he took care of them, makes me want to have a son like him," said Sunita, on the Zee TV show.



Source: IANS