Govt. leaving no stone unturned to try to free ISIS-held Indian hostages: Sushma Swaraj

New Delhi [India], Oct. 6 : External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today met the families of 39 Indian nationals held captive in Iraq, and assured them that they are alive.

She said the government is leaving no stone unturned to reach out to the stranded people there. Swaraj told media here that "this was our tenth meeting with the family members of the 39 Indian nationals held captive in Iraq." "As per the information that we are receiving from different places, they are alive, but we don't have proof.

As far as their death is concerned, there is no information or proof for that," Swaraj said. "I have told them before and this is what I told them today as well that we certainly have the information that they are alive and not dead, but we do not have the proof.

We are trying our best that wherever we find a government that can be helpful for us, our Prime Minister also raises the issue," she added.

Stating that Minister of State M.J. Akbar recently visited Venezuela, she said, "The latest information, which he received, is that they are alive.

This is what I asked them that they should be patient. The situation that is there right now, a war is going on." The minister further said, "The people have been held captive, but we are not leaving no stone unturned and their search is going on.

However, there is a need to maintain calm as of now." The Indians taken hostage by ISIS in June 2014 from Mosul in Iraq.

This was the tenth meeting between Swaraj and the families since the abduction of the Indians from the war-torn country in June 2014.

Source: ANI