Gurugram to get CT scanner for pets

Gurugram, July 4 : Gurugram is all set for a computed tomography (CT) scanner and ophthalmology unit for pets at a hospital, an official said on Wednesday.

At the price of Rs 2 crore, the CT scan machine at CGS hospital will be first of its kind in India, according to hospital authorities.

Currently, machines that are used for humans scan pets.

The new machine will make the surgical approach easier and reduce the surgical time by helping the veterinarians spot the exact location of tumors.

With the help of this, the levels of canine and feline cancers could be better recognised and it could also prove to be helpful in cases of injuries.

The new ophthalmology unit will help treat eye-related ailments including cataract which has become common in dogs.

In India, the treatment is currently not available.

CGS Hospital, built over an area of more than one acre, is a part of Charitable Trust under DLF Foundation, the philanthropic arm of DLF Ltd.

It provides services like diagnostic endoscopy, laparoscopy, echo-cardiography and minimally invasive orthopedic surgery.

Samar S.

Mahendran, Director of the hospital, said heart disease, diabetes, and kidney stones have become common among dogs and cats and that there was a need to create awareness among pet owners.

"We aim to set standards in pet care and the hospital is run as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility activity," said Mahendran.

On an average, around 100-200 patients are treated and 5-6 surgeries are performed at the hospital in a day.

The hospital also gives emergency services from 7 p.m.

to 8 a.m. and advances its treatment to stray dogs and cats as well.



Source: IANS