Heading to Switzerland? Keep these in your check-list

New Delhi [India], June 12 : Planning a trip to Switzerland this holiday season? Here are some off-beat activities you need to do to make your trip a memorable one! - FLOAT DOWN THE AARE RIVER The Aare is the longest wholly Swiss river located in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

Every summer when the sun comes out, hundreds offun-loving locals hike upstream, hop into this pristine river, and float back into town Some of them even go river rafting while the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site old town looks down on them from high above.

Floating downriver in cool, deep-blue, clean water of the Aare river is one of the most unforgettable highlights in the Swiss capital.

- VISIT THE HELL GROTTOES CAVES The Hell Grottoes caves is the world's most amazing stalactite caves which is 6,000 years old and located in Lorzentobel near Baar.

It takes hours to explore this magical underground world which is full of small lakes, stalagmites, and stalactites in an array of shapes and colours in natural rock formation.

The caves are lit with eery lights and has become a legendary location that draws several people from all over the world each year.

- CANYONING AT INTERLAKEN Canyoning is for all those who are hungry for adventure and love to explore hidden gorges.

It consists of spectacular waterslides, breath-taking jumps, and dramatic waterfalls. It is by far the best way to get up close with nature and is one of the most exciting and incredibly fun things to do which will leave you soaked from head to toe! - LABYRINTH ADVENTURE If you are looking for an amazing adventure then look no further, the Evionnaz Adventure Labyrinth is an amazing experience for people of all age.

Spanning 3 kilometers, it is the world's largest natural maze which boasts of obstacles, challenges, and hidden treasures all themed to get the visitor acquainted with the surrounding towns and villages of Switzerland.

The Evionnaz Adventure Labyrinth consists of an enormous 30m slides and 6,524m of hurdles, trampoline, a climbing wall, miniature golf, and numerous other activities.

- CLIFF WALK AT MT. TITLIS The Titlis Cliff Walk is a 100-meter-long pedestrian bridge built between two cliffs at 3,000 meters above sea level.

The stunning view of the mountains makes it worth the walk. In addition to the breath-taking scenery, dangle your legs over the Ice Flyer, a ski lift designed to carry you over the mountain peaks, and travel on the RotairGondela, the world's first revolving cable car.

- A WINE WALK IN LAVAUX Lavaux is the largest vineyard region in Switzerland and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007.

The best way to see this 800 hectares' vineyard is on foot. The wine in this region dates back a thousand years. One can carelessly stroll through the timeless villages and caveaux des vignerons (wine cellars) while gazing over the calm waters of Lake Geneva.

While Switzerland is known for its wines, among many other thing, they do not export their wine out of the country and thus if you do want to try them - and you do - you must visit Lavaux.

- GLACIER HIKE AT ALETSCH The Aletsch Glacier hike leads across the great Aletsch Glacier which is at 23 kilometers length and a surface area of 80 square kilometers making it the longest and largest glacier in Western Europe.

It's a two-day hiking tour which highlights the unique mountain world of Swiss Alps Jungfrau - Aletsch which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The glacier is made up of 27 billion tons of ice and looks like a winding, icy highway curving past mountains, pines, and waterfalls.

It's a gorgeous view and definitely worth the hike. - TAKE A TRIP IN THE HAMMETSCHWAND ELEVATOR The Hammetschwand Elevator is the tallest outdoor life in Europe that carries visitors 3,700 foot above sea level to the beautiful Lake Lucerne.

The passengers in the lift are carried from an underground boarding station into an open-air shaft leading to the top of the mountain in less than a minute.

The elevator has survived both world wars and a wood-to-steel conversion making it a world-record holding attraction.

Along with a thrill and sense of danger, the Hammetschwand also gives us a scenic view over Lucerne and its lake which is pure heavenly.

- TOBOGGANING Tobogganing is a fun filled activity of zipping down a hill or other slope on a wooden sledge.

This cool and easy ride will get your heart beating faster as you slide amidst the snow-white winter landscapes.

The toboggan run at Grindelwaldin Switzerland's Bernese Alps is at a distance of 15 kilometres with a vertical drop of 1,600 metres - making Big Pintenfritz the longest toboggan run in Europe.

- GLACIER BUNGEE JUMPING Only the most daring and adventurous soul can leap into Swissness by jumping off a cliff to try Glacier Bungee Jumping.

The Grindelwald glacial gorge at a height of 85 metres is perfect for those fearless adrenaline seekers that just want to experience it all in life.

It's a mix of nature, adventure, excitement, danger and thrill all packed into one awesome sport..

Source: ANI