Hindu woman’s heart transplanted to Muslim man in Mumbai

Mumbai, Sep 29 : Setting a perfect example of religious harmony and humanity, the heart of a brain dead Hindu woman was transplanted to a Muslim man at a private hospital in Mumbai.

Her kidneys, liver, pancreas and lungs were also donated to six different persons.

The woman, 41, was admitted to the Global Hospital in Parel on September 6 after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

She was declared brain dead on September 12.

According to the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC), her family, when counselled, granted permission to donate her liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and pancreas.

Using a green corridor, the lungs were flown to Apollo Hospital in Chennai, and one of the kidneys went to an end-stage patient at the KEM hospital in Parel.

The rest of the organs were donated to patients at the Global Hospital.

Global Hospital performed the heart transplant on a 31-year-old man working as a tailor in Mumbai, using the first of its kind advanced immunodiagnostic technique.

Farid Phansopkar was suffering from DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) with severe LV (Left ventricular) dysfunction.

Phansopkar was undergoing pre-transplant and antibody screening for three months alongside antibody identification.

"A young donor, lesser ischemia time (time between the stopping of the heart at the donor's end to starting of the heart at recipient's side), advanced HLA and Flow cytometry cross matches and good nursing care resulted in excellent clinical outcomes.

Farid's post-operative recovery was very smooth. Right from the immunosuppression regime, fluid balance, antibiotics and other protocols," Pravin Kulkarni, lead heart transplant surgeon at Global Hospital, said in a statement.

Phansopkar was mobilised on the fourth postoperative day and was as good to be discharged on the ninth postoperative day, which generally in case of heart transplant recipients is between 21 and 30 days post-operatively, the doctor said.

"I am extremely grateful to the donor family because without them, this would have been never possible.

I earnestly urge everyone to promote organ donation to give a new lease of life to many and keep your dear ones alive in so many lives," said Jehrunisa, Phansopkar's mother.



Source: IANS