His kids crashed his BBC interview, making it one entertaining interview on impeachment!

New York [US], Mar. 11 : In a major embarrassment, while discussing about the ousting of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye via videoconference with a BBC anchor, Professor Robert Kelly's kids crashed in the live session.

During the interview, a little girl wearing a yellow shirt swung open the door to Kelly's office and enthusiastically marched over to her father, reports CNN.

At first, the professor did not seem to notice the commotion behind him, until the host remarked, "I think one of your children has just walked in." While answering the question, the smiling toddler tries to climb up on her dad's lap, to which Kelly gently nudged her away, saying, "Pardon me," with a smile.

"My apologies." Soon after this, suddenly another child burst through the door in a walker, followed by a woman, who grabbed both of the kids, shuffled them out of the room.

In the entire situation, Kelly kept his composure the whole time and jumped right back into answering questions about Geun-hye This video concludes to be the most entertaining interview ever to be broadcasted on the subject of South Korean President's impeachment.

Source: ANI