Hotelogix bets big on the India market amidst strong growth

New Delhi [India], Oct.5 (ANi-Businesswire India): Hotelogix, the leading global property management systems (PMS) provider, announced its India expansion plans and mobile strategy to cater to specific requirements of the Indian hospitality industry.

Hotelogix today announced the launch of its most advanced property management solution (PMS) to enable small and mid-market independent hotels and chains, to leverage mobile for their entire front desk and housekeeping operations.

Hotel chains of any size can easily take advantage of this new mobile PMS app that works on both android (and) iOS operating systems.

The new solution offers a simplistic user interface that empowers hotels to run front-desk operations with little or no IT expertise, offering flexibility and speed, while managing day-to-day activities such as check-in and check-out of guests, reservations, invoicing and new bookings for walk-ins, travel agents or corporates customers etc.

The Hotelogix mobile PMS solution aims at directly impacting efficiencies by reducing check-in and check-out times, and cutting infrastructure cost by limiting the need to invest in traditional workstations, thereby giving hotel staff the liberty to manage work on-the-go, outside the constraints of being physically present at front desk.

Furthermore, this helps in hotel management to cut on formal training time spend and greatly improves the time workforce requires to start delivering on the work-floor, thanks to its very short learning curve.

Commenting on the launch, Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder, Hotelogix said, "The App is built on the principle that if one can use Whatsapp, then using the Hotelogix app to run even the most complex front-desk operations would be a breeze." Prabhash added, "Our aim is to drive a paradigm shift in the way hoteliers, including those who own budget properties, look at technology for their businesses.

India has one of the fastest growing user base of smartphones globally. Our PMS solution aptly leverages this opportunity. We are committed to tech-enable hoteliers and help them realize the benefits of using their everyday smart device professionally and efficiently, to run their key hotel operations.

The Indian hospitality industry is undergoing a change with the advent and growth of hotel aggregators such as OYO rooms, who have given a renewed identity to budget hotels in India by creating a new branded category in this space." Aditya Sanghi, Co-Founder, Hotelogix said, "With a growth rate of 100% in the last financial year and presence in 100 plus countries that include notable acquisition of credible brands like Treebo Hotels in India, Hotelogix is prepared to penetrate deeper into the India market.

From the current 100 plus properties in India, our aim is to partner with over 500 properties in the next one year who would either be first time users of technology, or would be shifting from offline legacy systems, to our contemporary cloud-based mobile technology.

Prabhash further remarked, "Apart from being complex, the offline PMS is a complete misfit for the changing dynamics of the travel and hospitality industry, as they cannot support real-time distribution and a pose huge risk of data integrity between bookings that are received at the OTAs, and the information that is ultimately recorded in the hotel PMS.

Our new solution truly offers PMS in a pocket and will go a long way in easing operations and improving operational efficiency of typical hotel.

Cloud-based PMS models like Hotelogix is not just cost effective, but also offers more security, without the risks of losing important data or files in case of any damage to the system." Hotelogix's PMS application is expected to usher in the following benefits for its customers: Increase in revenue from existing customers by 25 percent Increase profitability upwards of 20 percent Increase in employable resource pool of people for handling front desk operations, that has been traditionally limited to hospitality specialists Bring down the cost of operations at front desk by approximately 50% and up to 40% on infrastructure costs "Our application not just delivers a suave tablet interface for large hotel chains to cater to the needs and requirements of their urbane consumers, but also assists in making the hotel staffs workings more flexible, and tech savvy on-the-go.

For small and mid-sized hotels, the application helps in cutting down the need for hiring experienced hospitality specialists on their front desks for regular operational tasks without compromising on the quality of services", added Aditya.

The Hotelogix mobile application further extends its utility by making use of common hardware capabilities on a mobile device.

The built-in camera is equipped to scan IDs of over 80 countries and populate the data of the guest. Other than speeding up the check-in process, the application helps in meeting compliances in many countries that are required to keep the photocopy of the ID.

With access to 2G/3G/4G on mobile devices, the staff working with travel agents and corporate customers is equipped to easily manage their work remotely and far more efficiently with the application.

(ANi-Businesswire India).

Source: ANI