gets a makeover for festive season

New Delhi [India], Oct 6 : doesn't seem to stop wowing their customers. If you are a DIY Daredevil then this leading furniture brand has a reward for you to enjoy. The brand is offering additional discount on their products for customers who opt out of the assembly service and would rather want to assemble the product on their own.

This 'one-of-its-kind' discount is offered only by and no one else in the domain. "We know a lot of customers who enjoy accomplishing these tasks with their skill and aptitude. So we decided to reward them in our own way by offering an additional DIY discount. We want the buyer to feel empowered and not need to depend anymore on someone else to come and do it for them", says CEO Housefull, Akshay Chaturvedi.

The product will be accompanied by a detailed instruction manual which the buyer can also download from the website.

This will help the customer to assemble the furniture item on their own and at their own convenience, without having to wait for a representative to come and do the job.

"As of now, we have started this offer with a selective range of products. Depending upon the response and feedback from our customers, we may then extend it to more products. We see it as a win-win situation for both the customer and the business," added Akshay. It had recently launched their new decor range which seems to be getting a happy response from their buyers.

Not stopping at just that, the brand has introduced this DIY discount to further delight all the stakeholders.

Their 'No Rok Tok' digital campaign, which was based on the concept that solid wood furniture by can be used without any restrictions, also received much appreciation by the audience.

With nearly 2500 products to explore from furniture, 18000 from furnishings, and 3000 from Decor, is certainly moving at a lightning speed towards becoming the largest online retailer for furniture and furnishings and decor.

With more to come, their revamped e-commerce platform is creating a lot of buzz among existing and new online buyers.

Not only is their collection beautiful and utility driven to fit within traditional and contemporary homes, but the brand also consistently endeavors to give an amazing shopping experience to their customers.

Source: ANI