How to opt for right foundation

New Delhi, Nov 6 : The key to perfect make up is to find the right foundation according to your skin tone as one mistake can kill your entire look so make sure you are opting for right shade and applying it properly.

Elton Fernandes, Official Make up Artist, Maybelline New York lists down some steps that can help in opting for right foundation according to your skin tone:

* The right shade of foundation would melt into and disappear into your skin after just a couple light strokes of a finger as opposed to having to rub it in to blend.

* It is the one that's not too light or too dark for your skin, but just enough to brighten your tone whilst evening out your complexion.

Never check foundation on the back of your hands or your neck.

* Swipe against your jawline and ensure that the colour melts into the skin for a perfect match.

Stafford Braganza, National Make up Artist for NYX Professional Makeup, also has some ideas to share:

* Foundation is worn to even out skin tone only.

Do not wear foundation to change the features or colours of your face.

* While selecting your foundation always select your shade keeping in mind your natural skin's undertone.

Most Indian women have yellow under tones, loose powder sets your foundation and allows it to last all day without smudging or sliding.

* Foundation is spread by using a foundation brush in a long sweeping motion as it helps distribute the foundation perfectly.

Start by applying a primer and then massage into skin.

* Always start the foundation application from the inside moving outwardly so that the product penetrates into the skin.

Even out on forehead and finish with sides of the nose and chin so that the complexion is evened out and brightened in a natural way.



Source: IANS