How to pair sneakers with western outfits for women

New Delhi, Aug 1 : Experiment and pair up your sneakers with a cocktail dress, tulle skirts or a pencil skirt to make a fashionable statement, say experts.

Soumen Das, Senior Marketing Manager, Skechers India, and Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director, Truffle Collection, share some tips.

* Pair your sneakers with your tulle skirts: Summer sandals with tulle skirt are way too mainstream.

Be unique and be a showstopper! Pair your sneakers with your tulle skirt and get everyone complimenting you for your fashion taste.

* Don your sneakers cocktail dress: Cocktail dresses are generally worn with high heels, why not try something different this time? Your cocktail dress and sneakers are just the perfect pairs to go with.

* Formally informal: A great way to change things up while still strutting in your sneakers is matching them with your formal look.

Formals and sneakers make a good combination and are noticeable enough because it is not the monotonous wear.

* With pencil skirts: Pencil skirts and sneakers are a fabulous match. The fashion of summer sandals is out of fashion now. Everyone seeks comfort. Pencil skirts no more mean pencil heels, they're sneakers now. Match your sneakers and pencil skirt and get all eyes on you. It is a completely different match. A pair of sneakers could simply change the whole look and transform you into something new and unique.

* Go floral: Sneakers can be paired with cute floral dresses and a chic sling bag for the perfect summer look which is effortless, stylish and very feminine.

* For the cold: A knitwear sweater dress combined with a pair of sneakers looks super adorable and is the perfect outfit for a barbeque lunch or just a day at the mall.

* An asymmetrical look: An asymmetrical maxi dress with a large tote bag and white sneakers make a very comfortable choice.



Source: IANS