How to seize the perfect selfie? These tricks will help

New Delhi [India], Mar. 6 : Who does not love taking a selfie? Having become an insane craze nowadays among the masses, it has not only been termed as one of the 'top buzz words' in the year 2012, but also been awarded 'word of the year' by the Oxford Dictionary in 2013.

This advancing trend is the culprit behind big brands investing steeply in high resolution front cameras for cell phones along with the invention of the flash assists.

Selfie has now officially become an art of taking attention-grabbing selfies that is liked and loved by one and all.

But how does one capture the perfect selfie? Well, whether you are an amateur or a pro, you can take fabulous selfies with these tips and tricks: -Knowing your good side: Every person has a photogenic side.

Now, that does not mean one side looks better than the other, it's just that particular side makes your face appear more balanced and symmetrical giving you the perfect selfie.

This is termed as your 'good side'. The trick is, click a couple of snapshots of your face to identify your adorable side. -Have a blast while getting clicked: The idea behind a picture is to remember the moment and the amazing time you had.

Being cheerful and playful adds on to your image. Whether you are posing with friends or while holding a new item you just shopped for, don't hide that million dollar smile, and let the world cherish it with you in your perfect selfie.

-Experiment with poses: Follow the gambit. Experiment with poses that are being used enthusiastically by one and all and that suit you too. Whether it's the famous "pout face", pretentious look of being caught off guard, side smile with a wink, these few examples are certainly in vogue.

Try these variations or come up with more of your own and nail your perfect selfie. -Using the rear camera: Unlike Android, iPhone users still face the problem of low light, blurriness and shake effect while taking selfies with their front camera.

Though the problem can be bypassed by taking a picture with the rear camera, the task is a bit difficult.

The other way round to this problem is using apps like 'Selfie on Tilt'. The app lets the user take high quality selfies using a phone's rear camera, without the need to press the on screen camera button or any physical button.

All the user requires to do is simply tilt the phone 90 degrees and tilt back. The app has a success rate of more than 95%, has a variety of filters and other outstanding features like better resolution, aperture, image stabilization, red eye removal, time lapse, slow motion capture, etc.

Now's the time to enjoy a long lasting relation with your selfie by applying the perfect trick..

Source: ANI