I resigned because my ego, dignity was hurt: Captain Ajay Yadav

New Delhi, July 30 : Senior Congress leader and former minister Captain Ajay Yadav on Saturday said he decided to resign as his ego, dignity and honour was hurt by the party leadership.

Yadav, while talking to ANI, claimed he was being sidelined in the party and the immediate provocation for his decision to quit was that he was not allowed to attend the meeting of senior leaders called by Kamal Nath, the Congress Party in-charge of Haryana on July 27.

However, the invitation was withdrawn and he was asked not to come. The meeting was called by Kamal Nath to bury differences between different factions of the Congress. "I resigned because my dignity and honour was hurt. Either I should not have been put in a 10-member committee, or if I was included, why was I thrown out? If I have committed anti-disciplinary activities, then others have also done that.

Why was my perspective not taken into consideration? My dignity, honour ego was hurt by Hooda and the Congress Party," Yadav said.

"If the senior Congress leadership asks me to return back, I will definitely return. I have quit Congress, but that doesn't mean I while join some other party," he added. The six-time MLA, who served as Minister of Finance, Power, Irrigation and Environment in the Congress government led by Bhupinder Singh Hooda with whom he has shared an acrimonious relationship, on Thursday made the public decision or his resignation in a series of tweets.

"Some people are misleading and undermining my endurance and capacity to work for the party and I believe in destiny, God, karma and friends.

Friends I gave my youth and life for the congress party and worked as true soldier of the party but my ego has been hurt I quit Congress," he said in a series of tweets.

"My father was true Congressman and I too and had great faith in Nehru-Gandhi family but BS Hooda is Supreme and others are insignificant.

Mr Kamalnath you in a month mislead high command and undermined my prestige you have 40 years of experience but I too have 30 years of work," he added.

Source: ANI