I too wanted to expose AAP’s Delhi leadership like Sehrawat: Chhotepur

Chandigarh (Punjab), [India], Sept. 6 : Ousted Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab Convenor Sucha Singh Chhotepur on Tuesday said that he too like, Devinder Sehrawat, wanted to highlight the misdeeds committed by the Delhi leadership of the party in Punjab but Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal never paid heed to his concerns.

Asking Kejriwal to initiate a probe in the matter, Singh said that if Sehrawat, who holds a respected position in the political arena, is making such claims then he must be having strong evidence to prove his accusations.

"When this topic of tickets was raised, matters of bribes, exploitation of women also came up. Though I had said that few people do have knowledge of all these things, but I would like to add that if a renowned MLA has made such claims then he must be having evidences to substantiate his accusations.

Kejriwal should get the whole matter investigated," Chhotepur told ANI. "I had asked Kejriwal for six months in my case, I also wanted to talk about all these things. Once I even held his arm and asserted that he should look in to Punjab, as all was not good in the state.

Leaders from Delhi were getting involved in mischievous activities and that we were getting lot of complaints against them.

But Kejriwal did not lend his ear to me," he added. Sehrawat, AAP MLA from Bijwasan, wrote a letter to Kejriwal claiming that he received some disturbing reports of women being exploited for election tickets.

The Bijwasan MLA also wrote to Anna Hazare, stating that the party is facing instances of misconduct and corruption.

Chhotepur was also sacked post his allegations against the party of seeking a bribe for election tickets.

Source: ANI