Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif both don’t know what democracy is: Naela Qadri

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Oct. 31 : As Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan decides to continue his plans of a 'lockdown' in Islamabad to 'show' Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the 'real' democracy, World Baloch Women's Forum president and prominent Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch on Monday took a jibe, saying both the leaders don't know what the true form of democracy is.

Naela said both the leaders have failed to redress the concerns of Baloch people, and hence, both are dictators for them.

"I think both should know what democracy is. For us, both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are same, the only difference is one is in power and one out of power.

For Balochistan both are dictators, both of them have not spoken a single word about the showering blood of thousands of Baloch people and burning of our homes and raping our women," Naela told ANI.

Reiterating his plans to put up a show of strength in Islamabad on November 2nd to seek accountability of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan on Saturday said Nawaz Sharif's government resembles dictatorship and not a democracy.

"We will show Nawaz Sharif on November 2 what democracy is," Khan said. Khan was under house arrest at his Bani Gala residence on Friday as police attacked scores of PTI's workers before carting off many of them to prison.

The PTI and the Pakistani Government have been at loggerheads since the names of members of Prime Minister Sharif's family appeared in the Panama Papers leaks.

Following the reports, Khan-led PTI have been demanding the Pakistan premier to resign or present himself for accountability in the backdrop of the Panama Papers scandal.

However, the government remains adamant that it will not allow the PTI to shut down Islamabad and said that action will be taken against the party according to law.

Source: ANI