In modern language, Couture is opening a lot of doors: Amit Aggarwal

New Delhi, July 24 : Designer Amit Aggarwal feels that future of Indian couture has moved from bridal and is opening a lot of doors especially in current time when youngsters are becoming more experimental with their fashion taste.

"The future of Indian couture is definitely not just bridal anymore.

I feel that couture in the modern language is opening a lot of doors, especially with the younger generation today setting up different avenues and possibilities to wear something unique and special.

Couture will be a wider terminology in the future," Aggarwal told IANS in an interview here when asked about his take on couture market in India.

"Today, modern brides are opting for modern versions of the traditional silhouettes.

Couture gowns or other dress styles are more in demand today than ever. These contemporary silhouettes have definitely taken a strong stance in the Indian market.

"I believe in India, bridal and couture go hand in hand.

However, I can say bridal couture is shifting from traditional to more contemporary aesthetics and is more open to experimental designs over the years," he added.

The designer is making his debut at the India Couture Week that is starting here from Wednesday.

Talking about his collection, he says that his "Crystalis" is inspired by its namesake.

"We have explored a range of hand done three-dimensional embroideries in various crystalline and bio mimicked forms and motifs.

Our silhouettes are an amalgamation of different aspects of traditional Indian and western couture shapes infused with structure and form to enhance the female body.

"A special highlight is our collaboration with Tanira Sethi on a range of one-of-a-kind cashmere lace textiles woven in France, which makes this collection unique from our previous lines.

We have also collaborated with Outhouse in designing jewellery inspired by various complex crystalline structures and intricate organic forms such as that of the metallic chrysalis cocoon.

"All the jewellery pieces have been crafted using materials and metallic colours that blend effortlessly with our collection's colour palette," he said.

Talking about his debut at the fashion gala, he said: "Though I've been showing my couture collections in Paris for almost a decade, the last two years have brought a radical change in the choices of the modern Indian bride."

"What was looked at avant grade or futuristic a few years ago is slowly becoming a present.

It was only important that it was put out on an official calendar of the Indian couture week for people to see it in its full glory," he added.

As a designer with an international fan following and clients, how easy or difficult is it to make such luxury garments only for the Indian market?

"Our aesthetic and ethos remain the same internationally and nationally.

However, the silhouettes and embellishments are made more elaborate for the Indian market whereas it is more refined for our western market," said Aggarwal.

Apart from the fashion week, what else is keeping him busy?

"There is a lot in the pipeline and will roll out this year.

As a brand, we are growing rapidly and we hope to see our stores all around the world in the future," he said.

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Source: IANS