India at critical threshold in urban development: Puri

New Delhi, June 3 : India stands at a critical threshold on its way to development where a lot depends on the opportunities which allow the cities to grow, Union Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Sunday.

Speaking here at the 'The Knowledge Coalition-Intelligent Conversations', two days ahead of the World Environment Day, he pointed out that the urbanisation process in the country will be a key driver of how much the country can benefit from the "much talked about 'urban transition'".

"... with its cities emerging as the drivers of the national economy, India stands at the threshold of a critical 'moment' in its developmental trajectory where adequate opportunities must be created for cities/towns to grow, flourish and become vibrant centres of investment and productivity," Puri was quoted as saying in a statement issued by his ministry.

The minister also acknowledged the measures pledged by India to reduce its carbon emission for a cleaner environment and emphasised that all missions under his ministry had a "strong focus on environment and ecological sustainability".



Source: IANS