India training Afghan Army women officers on military ops

New Delhi, Nov 25 : The Indian Army is training Afghan National Army's 20 women officers at Officers Training Academy, Chennai, for combat operations on a bigger scale, sources said on Monday.

Starting Monday, the training will continue till December 21 and Afghan women officers would train in small and big military operations, including anti-terror action.

"The training capsule is designed to empower their capabilities so that they can tackle any adversary," said a senior Indian Army officer, adding the capsule is especially designed for them as their country is already fighting a war with the Taliban.

Once the US withdraws from Afghanistan, the Afghan National Army would have to defend their nation against Taliban terrorists.

This is the third year that a batch of 20 women officers is being trained.

Seeing the capabilities of the women officers, the Indian Army has designed a training module to further enhance their capabilities.

The women officers in Afghanistan are not sent to forward locations and are limited to administrative works.

But this training, would help these officers to break the tradition, said India Army officers.

In a bid to enhance the capabilities of their soldiers, Afghanistan is sending their officers to get the best training under military diplomacy mechanism.

On Sunday, India and Afghanistan on Sunday exchanged instruments of ratification of their bilateral extradition treaty.

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Source: IANS