Indian contingent gears up for US Open Karate Championship

Gurgaon [India], Apr.11 : Five karate players from Gurgaon are all set to represent India in the US Open Karate Championship to be held in Las Vegas from April 12 to April 16.

The prestigious annual Karate event in Las Vegas attracts leading martial artists from around the world every year.

The team is led by Sensei Yashpal Singh Kalsi, a world-renowned martial artist from Gurgaon. He won the gold medal in the US Open Karate Championship in 2016. This year the members of the Indian contingent - Abhishek Sengupta, Rantej Singh, Harcharan Singh Chowhan and Shaifali Agarwal, have been preparing hard since November 2016 under his leadership.

"We are confident that the skill, strength and stamina of our Indian team matches with the best in the world.

With scientifically designed training, discipline and dedication, all team members are at their peak performance and are aiming to win medals for the country" said Sensei Yashpal Singh Kalsi.

All team members follow demanding corporate careers during the day and get together in the evenings to follow their passion - martial arts.

The hard work and dedication in the team of corporate team is high. They will be leaving for the US on 10thmorning and will be in the US for 10 days. Karate Association of India, which is the only, recognized national Karate body, has selected and approved the team to represent our country officially into the event.

Bharat Sharma, general secretary of the association, wished the team good luck. The team will spend a few days to train with the leading US based trainers in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

This will help the team to acclimatize to the local conditions and get exposure to international fighting styles.

"The exposure to these global formats of training will improve the skill levels of the Indian players.

These players will then come back to India and help other fellow martial artists to rise up to international standards of the sport', said Sensei Yashpal.

Source: ANI