Indian walks away with Europe Business Assembly award

New Delhi [India], Dec 3 : Ghana's Subah Infosolutions once again gained international recognition by bagging Europe Business Assembly (EBA) award in France as 'The Best Enterprise and Most Promising IT Company of the year in Africa,' thanks to Birendra Sasmal, the CEO of the company.

While Subah received a plaque and a hand-like carving with inscription 'Best Enterprise' on both, Sasmal was recognized as 'Manager of the year' by the Socrates Committee.

"These international recognitions and achievements by Subah are the results of excellent management team and effective strategic support from the board and leadership direction from the Executive Chairman Dr Joseph S.

Agyepong," said Sasmal. The organisers recorginsed the "best business practices, good and consistent work delivery of Subah over the period to arrive at this," he further explained.

Organised by EBA and attended by companies from other African countries, the event saw politicians, businessmen, professors, scientists, artists and others, whose work helped to further the economic, scientific and cultural development of society, as the International Socrates Awards nominees.

Behind every successful business is ingenuity. This is the exact phrase to describe the activities behind the success of an indigenous Ghanaian IT solution company Subah Infosolutions, which through its innovative ICT/telecom solutions and business skills, has helped the telecom sector save millions of dollars.

Sasmal, who is responsible for organisation strategy, worldwide sales, operation and finance, has been driving the affairs of the company.

Subah started operations in 2007 with less than 10 employees but the company now boasts of over 2,500 employees.

Sasmal is a proven business leader, having repeatedly produced sustainable revenue growth in dynamic market, in Telecom and ICT industries in international and multicultural environments.

He is an industrial leader involved in sponsoring community initiatives and participating in various international forums such as ITU, GASSCOM, CII, FICCI and NASSCOM.

He represented CII as a mission leader to various countries..

Source: ANI