Indo-Bangla trade disrupted as Indian trucks torched

Kolkata, June 3 : Trade activities between India and Bangladesh at Petrapole-Benapole post were disrupted on Sunday after several trucks from India were allegedly set on fire in the neighbouring country, an official said.

"Exports-imports were completely stopped after 1 p.m.

at the Petrapole-Benapole border after about six-seven trucks loaded with various goods from India were set on fire in Bangladesh's Benapole," Federation of West Bengal Truck Operators' Association Joint Secretary Sajal Ghosh told IANS.

Truck operators threatened not to enter Bangladesh with goods.

Another Association's Joint Secretary Dilip Das said: "Many goods exported from India were stolen and trucks were torched by miscreants in Bangladesh.

We will not enter Bangladesh. Goods will be off-loaded at the no-man's land."

Truck owners also alleged administration in the neighbouring country was not cooperating with them.

Accusing Bangladeshi miscreants of torching the trucks, Petrapole Exports-Imports Welfare Association's President Paritosh Biswas said: "The incident happened in Bangladesh.

We cannot lodge any complaints in Bangladesh. We will lodge a complaint to customs authority."



Source: IANS