Influx of Pakistani-Hindus migrating to India increases post surgical strike

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) [India], Oct. 7 : Where on one hand, the entire country is happy and in high spirits after the surgical strike by the Indian Army in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), on the other hand this strike has added to the problems of Hindu Pakistani citizens.

They were already being harassed and oppressed in Pakistan but after the surgical strike, the atrocities have multiplied.

As a result, the influx of Pakistani-Hindu migrants entering India via the Thar Express, that connects Karachi to Jodhpur, has increased significantly.

Last week 31 Pakistani-Hindus arrived in India via the Thar Express and even as they are struggling to get a permanent residence, another 216 Pak-Hindus came to India yesterday in Jodhpur.

They came to India on pilgrim visas and have denied going back to Pakistan with plans to settle here permanently.

For now, these people will stay in camps for displaced Pakistanis in Dali Bai, Kali Beri and Angnwa. The Pak-Hindu migrants told ANI that the situation there is really bad. Maya and Moti, two of the migrants, who arrived with the group of 31 people, said they would rather die than return back.

Head of the Frontiers Works Organisation Hindu Singh Sodha said that due to atrocities in Pakistan, the number of Hindu migrants coming to India has increased and people are arriving in Jodhpur on pilgrim visas and creating new problems for the government.

Source: ANI