Ishtiyak Khan on co-actor Om Puri: Actors, their acting skills never die

Mumbai, Dec 16 : Actor Ishtiyak Khan is happy that his film with late actor Om Puri will release soon.

Even though Om Puri is no more to witness the premiere of the film, Ishtiyak says actors and their acting skills never die.

Titled "Omprakash Zindabad", the film in question is the late Puri's last film and is scheduled to release on December 18.

"I'm really happy that the film is releasing.

I'm grateful that our hard work, and this important subject will be reaching to the audience. It is very relevant," said Ishtiyak.

The Ranjeet Gupta directorial, which is set in Uttar Pradesh, will show how a lower caste daily wager Ram Bhajan, who wants to earn more money, tries to misuse a government scheme.

"I'm very happy that I got to work with the legendary actor Om Puri.

His voice is unforgettable. Too many memories are attached with this film. Actors and their acting skills never die. They forever remain with the audience. Om Puri sir was such an incredible actor," said Ishtiyak.



Source: IANS