It’s something I never thought I would be doing: George Clooney on fatherhood

New York [USA], September 11 : George Clooney, who is currently promoting his new directorial movie 'Suburbicon' with best pal Matt Damon and Julianne Moore at the 'Toronto Film Festival,' got candid about fatherhood and said that he had never expected to do something like this.

The 56-year-old actor happily spoke about being a new dad as well as shared a few jokes about getting into the new club 'fatherhood,' reports People Magazine.

The American hunk who has three month old twins, Ella and Alexandra, with British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Amal Clooney joked, "Right now with my kids, because I have no breasts, I don't exist.

I pick them up, I give them a bottle and I hand them back to my wife and they're happier." During the interview, 'Suburbicon' star and friend Julianne Moore couldn't help but teased Clooney of his sleep deprivation to which he responded, "Yeah, there's no sleep right now, it's all fun." "It's something I never thought I would be doing.

All my friends are laughing at me and they think it's funny - I get it. Fair enough, I gave them a hard enough time," the father of two added. He also revealed how his daughter Ella is the spitting image of his wife with big beautiful eyes while his son Alexandra acts like a "moose" who just sits and he eats.

The Oscar-winning actor further expressed his views in raising the twins amid a world of privilege. "Nothing's different," he adds. "Just because you happen to have been born into a sort of lucky situation in many ways, certainly not into poverty and into some place of luxury, you want to make sure they're empathetic and compassionate.

That they learn all the things I was taught as a young man about how we're only successful as a country as the people who are least successful." "I think that's going to be a challenge, to constantly remind our kids that being born in one place doesn't give you the right to just ignore everyone else's difficulties," the actor said.

'Suburbicon' is a dark comedy about a white suburban town that's rocked with racial tension when an African-American family moves in.

It is slated to hit theaters on October 27..

Source: ANI