Journalist says Trump might mount pressure on Pak to limit nuke programme

Islamabad [Pakistan], Nov 11 : The incoming Trump administration is expected to put pressure on Pakistan to limit its nuclear and strategic missile programme, claims Pakistan journalist Ansar Abbasi in an opinion piece.

According to Abbasi, the Obama administration tried to achieve the target but failed because of Islamabad's plain and unambiguous state of denial.

Trump while campaigning for the elections had made negative references to Pakistan. In an interview in earlier this year, Trump had dubbed Pakistan as a vital problem for the United States because they have a thing called nuclear weapons, and at the same time hinting at seeking help from India and other nations to address the problem of a nuclear-armed Pakistan.

According to reports, during Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's official visit to the United States last year, President Obama had urged him to limit its strategic defence programme.

Sharif was told that if Pakistan limits its strategic programme, Washington would consider recognizing Islamabad as a nuclear-weapon state.

But the proposal was rejected by Islamabad..

Source: ANI