Kamal Haasan gave Rajinikanth’s movie a miss for first time

New Delhi, July 26 : Rajinikanth-starrer 'Kabali' may have had a grand opening, but there was something different this time - Kamal Haasan had to give its special screening a miss.

The blame has to be put on Haasan's nasty injury last week, reports the Deccan Chronicles. According to the 'Chachi 420' actor, "It's sad. But the timing of the accident doesn't allow me to watch the film. I will do so as soon as I can." Contemporaries in the industry- Rajnikanth and Haasan share a very strong bond and reportedly, the former has this habit of screening special shows of all his films before release for the latter.

The 61-year-old actor suffered multiple fractures in his leg. Though he is recovering well, the actor is advised to be on complete rest for a while. "Yes I'm recovering. It's a quick recovery according to doctors. But it's a tad more painful than my previous hospital sojourns. I'm off the radar for a month and for once, not thinking about work at all," he said. "It happened so suddenly and the reason of the fall was so silly, I can't even talk about it," continued the 'Vishwaroopam' actor.

"I fool around in my office at Eldams Road (Chennai) all the time. This was an occasion where it backfired. I've had several accidents and some really nasty falls, but they've all come during the course of my work.

But this time it was for a pointless, avoidable reason," he added. Though this injury gave Haasan his first break in the year, his upcoming tri-lingual comedy along with his daughter Shruti Haasan got a setback.

He said, "I'm the director and the male lead of Sabaash Naidu. Until I recover, the film remains suspended. There is no hurry; we can take our time. We only might have a problem with Shruti's dates, as she's a busy artiste.".